National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

Applied Radiation and Isotopes 87, 2014, pp. 361-364

Installation and performance testing of an XtRa NaI(Tl) Compton Suppression System at the NED-NTUA

M.I. Savva, K.L. Karfopoulos, D.J. Karangelos, M.J. Anagnostakis and S.E. Simopoulos
Nuclear Engineering Department, School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

This paper presents the Compton Suppression System, recently installed at the Nuclear Engineering Department of NTUA. The system consists of an XtRa Ge detector coupled with a NaI(Tl) guard detector. The electronic set-up allows for the simultaneous collection of both the suppressed and the unsup- pressed spectra. System performance is investigated using certified point and volume sources. Parameters such as Peak Suppression Factors, peak-to-Compton ratios and minimum detectable activity for specific radionuclides are determined.

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