National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review 4

Study of the Supporting System for the clic two-beam module

N. Gazis
G. Riddone, H. Mainaud
Durand CERN
D. Gudkov, A. Samoshkin
S. Simopoulos, E. Hinis, T. Alexopoulos

The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) study aims at the development of a Multi-TeV e+ e-collider. The micro-precision CLIC structures will have an accelerating gradient of 100 MV/m and will be aligned on so-called girders. The girder construction constrains are mainly dictated by the beam physics and RF requirements. The study of such girders is a challenging case involving material choice, mechanical design as well as prototype fabrication and experimental testing.

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