National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

Atomkernenergie/Kerntechnik vol. 38 no.2 (1981), p.p. 107-108

The effect of the mass of a moderator positioned in the central region of a hollow fuel element

Simos E. Simopoulos and Demetrios J. Leonidou
Laboratory of Nuclear Engineering, National Technical University, Patission Street 42, Athens, Greece.

The effect of the presence of a short slowing down length moderator, in the central region of a "hollow" fuel element is investigated as a function of the "mass per unit length" of the "central moderator". The increase of the thermal neutron flux level, when comparing the situation with that existing without a "central moderator", is shown to depend on the quantity of the central moderator and on the mode of the geometrical distribution of the moderator material in the central region of the hollow fuel element.

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