National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 181(1-3) 255-262

Radiological and INAA determined characteristics of size-fractionated fly ash

T.K. Peppas, K.L. Karfopoulos, D.J. Karangelos, P.K. Rouni, M.J. Anagnostakis, and S.E. Simopoulos
Nuclear Engineering Department, School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

The concentration of trace elements and radionuclides in fly ash particles of different size can exhibit significant variation, due to the various processes taking place during combustion inside a coal-fired power plant. An investigation of this effect has been performed by analyzing samples of fly ash originating in two different coal-fired power plants, after separation into size fractions by sieving. The samples were analyzed by gamma-ray spectrometry, including low-energy techniques, radon exhalation measurement and instrumental neutron activation analysis for the determination of Al, As, Ga, K, La, Na, Mn, Mg, Sr, Sc, and V. Variations are observed in the results of various samples analysed, while the activity balances calculated from the results of individual size fractions are consistent with those of the raw ash samples. Correlations among the radionuclides examined are also observed, while individual nuclide behavior varies between the two types of fly ash examined.

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