National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

Atomkernenergie/Kerntechnik vol. 42 no.3 (1983), p.p. 193-198

A simple theoretical investigation of the effect of a moderator present in the central region of a hollow fuel element

Apostolos Kakatsios and Demetrios Leonidou
Laboratory of Nuclear Engineering, National Technical University, Patission Street 42, Athens, Greece.

In order to predict the thermal neutron flux increment in the fuel region of the cell, due to the transition from the situation without, to the one, with a central moderator positioned in the central region of a hollow fuel element, a simple theoretical model is used in combination with several experimentally obtained magnitudes, taken in positions of the cell where access is possible. Though the theoretical model is based on the one group diffusion theory and on a number of simplifications, the proposed method gives results which are in fair agreement with the experimentally observed ones.

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