National Technical University of Athens
School of Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering Department

Mandatory Courses

Operating Systems and programming Languages

1st-2nd Semester
Taught by K. C. Giannakoglou, E.P. Hinis
Course taught in collaboration with the Fluids Department

The software of digital computers. The role and structure of operating systems. Categories of operating systems, real-time operating systems, multi-processing systems. General characteristics and components of UNIX and DOS, user interface, utilities, editors and Word Processors, file management services. Language processors, assemblers, compilers, interpreters. Programming languages, Data structures, basic operations and flow control. Source code, object code, libraries, executable program. Application: statements of Fortran, editing and execution of simple numerical algorithm programs.

Mechanical Measurements and Laboratory

5th Semester
Taught by E.P.Hinis, M.J. Anagnostakis


Statistics of measuring systems - Error analysis - Applied regression analysis - Recording results - Planning and conducting experiments - Comparative experiments - Factorial experiments Simulation - Computer simulation techniques. The digital computer on-line to measuring systems to perform real-time data acquisition, processing and control.

Laboratory work

Application of the laws of statistics - Comparative and factorial experiments - Experiments of evaluation - Real-time computer based measuring systems.